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The Lab conducts academic and professional research in skin cancer, package design, user interface, and a variety of client-based research where understanding and maximizing communication is key.

Dr. Kevin K. John has served as the BioComms Lab director since 2005 and has contributed to advancing its abilities and services. In late 2011, Dr. John was asked to fill the role of lab director and, upon accepting the position, the lab was renovated with a desk-mounted eye tracker to replace the head mounted and tethered system that had been used up until that point. This made eye tracking more natural and less cumbersome for participants, garnering higher quality data. 

In 2014, the BioComms Lab grew to a full biometrics suite equipped with facial recognition, galvanic skin response (GSR), and electroencephalogram (EEG) capabilities. Since then, the Lab has continued to develop and in 2018 the BioComms Lab expanded to include a virtual reality (VR) system with integrated eye tracking capabilities and a living room tracking environment. Multiple participants can be tracked at a time in the living room environment, which is useful for conducting research in dyadic viewing situations like video gaming and tv/movie watching, among others.

Today, the BioComms Lab is a fully functioning biometrics lab with facial recognition, ultraviolet (UV) photography, GSR, EEG, VR, and eye-tracking in a lab-based and living room environment.